Discover the first range of Loesia French natural lipsticks.

Loesia is organic and natural makeup.

The range of organic and natural lipsticks from Lœsia is composed of 11 natural ingredients + natural pigments. It is 100% natural, 68% organic and entirely made in France.

French production

French manufacturing is very important, ingredients with more than 50% of ingredients from French organic farming. The lipstick stick is made in Eure-et-Loir, the lipstick tube is machined towards Lorient. In addition, the cardboard cases are printed to Clermont Ferrand. Finally, the labels are printed in the South, near Aix-en-Provence. In order to promote French production & know-how and promote short circuits.

Loesia French natural lipsticks

These natural French lipsticks consist of 7 universal shades that adapt to all skin tones: Le Rouge N ° 101, Le Bordeaux N ° 102, Le Framboise N ° 103, Le Prune N ° 104, Le Rose N ° 105, Le Terracotta N ° 106 and Le Cerise N ° 107. The finish of her French natural lipsticks is satin. Between the matt and the shiny appreciated by women.

96% of customers are satisfied with these French natural products. Indeed, they appreciate the comfort, the vibrant colours and the hold on their lips.

These French lipsticks are also rated on consumer apps like INCI Beauty with a score of 16.7 or YUKA rated between 90/100 and 100/100.

Finally, in order to protect the planet, the sticks are not composed and unmoulded with Silicone. Indeed, this synthetic element takes more than 400 years to degrade. In particular, it is used to facilitate the application of the product and to make the stick of lipstick shiny. We decided to leave it natural. It is also unmoulded by hand.

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