After the first application, the cosmetic can be kept for 6 months, as there are few preservatives. If the product is not in use, you can store it for a year away from the sun and heat.

The lipstick last like a classical lipstick (Words from Loesiennes). After a few hours later, you have to apply it a little bit.

The lipstick has a satin finish, between matte and gloss.

Yes, from stick to label, we invite you to discover our ‘who we are?’

The lipstick is made by 11 ingredients + natural pigments. It is 100% natural and 68% organic. No synthetic elements enter into the composition.

For more details on our components, check our “Ingredients” page

There are beeswax and Carmine in the lipstick. Thus, the product is not Vegan.

Pigments are extracted from minerals, such as iron oxides or azurite. They are therefore natural and not organic because we do not cultivate the rocks.

We decided to avoid synthetic pigments, which is why we cannot propose a bright red.

Left Loesia’s red

Each stick is unique, as it is finalized by hand and not by a machine. This is why it is not smooth.


In addition, it is not shiny like on the market ones because it is not sprayed with silicone, which makes the stick shiny. As you know, silicone is synthetic, it takes hundred years to deteriorate and is toxic to aquatic organisms if they ingest it. Which it is not matching Loesia’s morals​​. That’s why we decided to leave it in its natural state.

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