Cleansing Oil Jojoba


Cleansing oil for normal, combination and oily skins.

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Cleansing Oil Jojoba

Cleansing Oil for normal, combination and oily skins.

Formula 100% natural, 99.8% precious organic oil and vegan.

Remove your makeup gently and serenity, even for waterproof makeups.

It odor is close to the hazelnuts and it liquid texture make it enjoyable to use. It formula it soft and respectfull of the skin without perfume.

Ingredients of Cleansing Oil Jojoba

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil* (Jojoba) ; Ricinus Communis Seed Oil * (Castor Oil or Ricinus Oil) ; Tocopherol ; Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower oil)
*organic certified

Organic Jojoba oil – Simmondsi Chinensis Seed Oil ( INCI name) Plant
Nourishes and protects. It helps to regulate the pH of the skin and the production of sebum. It helps oily or acne-prone skin to the production of sebum on the epidermis. This oil is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave it greasy on the outside.
Organic Ricinus Oil – Ricinus communis seed oil (INCI name) Plant
Strengthens the skin barrier and have effect on the skin elasticity. Perfect for nourishing eyelashes during eye makeup removal, even for waterproof products. Penetrates easily and quickly into the skin.
Sunflower oil – Helianthus annuus seed oil (INCI name) Plant
Softening and protective. It is rich in vitamin E and therefore is antioxidant.
Vitamin E – Tocopherols ( INCI name) Plant
It is an antioxidant and here acts as a natural preservative.

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How to use tips.

  1. Humidified your face
  2. Pump the cleansing oil twice and apply it to your skin. Use circular clockwise movements to specific areas (eyes, mouth, cheek) to remove makeup.
  3. Use a reusable make-up removing wipe, wipe off the make-up removing oil + Make-up
  4. Rinse your face with clear water
  5. Use a reusable makeup remover wipe, absorb the excess water. (You will have a sensation of having a thin layer on your skin. Like when you apply a cream, it takes a few seconds for the oil to penetrate the skin – you can then apply your skincare and night cream.)
  6. Clean your wipes with soap and water.

Store away from heat and light.



The product is eco-designed. The bottle is made of recycled glass with a biodegradable corn starch label made in France. 1% of the price is donated to associations for the protection of the planet in line with the 1% for the Planet movement.


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Loesia organic and natural cosmetics made in France. Cleansing Oil with Jojoba 100% naturel and 99,8% with organic precious oil. .Cleansing Oil Jojoba

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